All I Wish.

All I wish I had in Winter is good weather, which means average temperatures – certainly not the freezing cold we are blessed with these days. Every time I have to leave my place or my office or whatever indoor heated space I am at, my bones literally hurt at the feeling of the grueling cold. And I don’t even live in Russia!!! I have no clue how that people survive.
But I have to make myself clear – I hate being dressed like a person from the North Pole. Nothing is more uncomfortable than having 6 layers of clothes. It is way too much work to get them on/off several times a day, plus somehow I always manage to wrinkle my main outfit, which is usually under two sweaters, one scarf and the coat. I admire and love to see [on others] layered clothes – I am certain that not everybody has that skill, and by that I mean the skill to masterfully mix textures and colors in order to have a perfect outfit in the end.
I am not saying this is a typical outfit for me in December, but I wish it was, so it was a pleasure to prepare and get these pictures done by Dore.
xoxo from freezing land
pictures by Dorel Danci(

What’s Next?

So 2014 passed away to fast. I feel it was yesterday when I left for my snowboarding trip, but it was January….It was a few hours ago that Spring arrived, but wait….is was 7 months ago! Summer hasn’t even arrived and it’s already Winter. And I have already started looking back in retrospective, even though it is only November. Time is such an awkward concept.
Judging my 2014 story with today’s mind  I am so grateful for the extra wisdom I’ve got, even though I wish some of it… I wouldn’t have had to get, I am so grateful for the new people in my life, for my new and old friendships, for my family and for finally realizing that doesn’t matter what I go through – good or bad, I am never alone. For the first time in my life, when something bad happened to me I could see how amazing things were just a few steps away – it is pretty much as they say – one step back, two steps forward (ok, ok, I know it is the other way around, but it seams it does not apply to me that way lol).
I have big plans ahead, and I have never been more determined that I am today. I will achieve them all in my own personal way. So, move over negative stuff, ‘cuz I am about to kick your ass.
pictures by Cosmin Micoara (
hat by Lucia M ( –