When a door closes, another opens. Or maybe a window. Anyhow, this just happened to me – a huge door just slapped the hell out of me, and, 2 hours later, after I was crushed, a dream of mine came true. Life is so weird with it’s ups and downs, that I personally never see coming, it’s crazy. And in a weird way, every time something negative happened to me, karma was there to turn it all around.
I hate negative situations mainly because they get the worst out of me. Most of the time I can keep it in me and I can act respectful. This time around wasn’t my proudest reaction, even though I believe every word I said – it’s only that I wish I could have said nicer. The Jackie O on my shoulder is very disappointed. But I promise myself, this is the one and only time in my life I reacted or will react this way. It’s not worth it to me to go that low – the only thing I got out of it is regret. So, as my bff said to me once “boobs up” lol. Life goes on and I better make the best of it.
pictures by Cosmin Micoara (www.facebook.com/memoriescollector)


There’s no better feeling then speaking freely what you think, what you feel, expressing who you really are through your honest, uncensored opinions. There are so many social norms lately I believe many times everyone forgets their true selves in order to be accepted and/or liked. And it kills our uniqueness little by little. We become something like a boring army, that doesn’t really strive for anything truly valuable.
With all these ‘anniversary’ days for insignificant reasons we should have an uncensored day –  a real one, not only an ‘official’ one. It should be respected by everybody – we should only be able to say exactly what we think, straight forward and without any detours. I think it would be completely useful in the long run for everybody.
Clothes always help me express myself, they give me an irreplaceable sense of freedom – this is the main reason I adore them, hunt them down and cherish them. Every item of clothing gives me a different feeling – my favourite – high heels. Leather pants, short/feminine/structured dresses and lace are in the top as well. How unique!! lol.
pictures by Dorel Danci
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