Also From Last Year.


As I mentioned in last week’s post, the blog means the world to me. It brings me to places I have not been before, I experience things I haven’t experienced before. So as promised, I will share a few of those novelties with you.

A thing I have never done before is to wear hats – I disliked hats. Every time I hear the word ‘hat’ I can remember my Mother telling me to wear an awful/ugly/not-matching-anything in my outfit hat (I mean the dreadful kind – the knitted ones that make my head look like a giant mushroom). So I never wore hats, even if it was a snowstorm outside. Also, I never thought I could ever possibly wear hats in the remarkable and respectful way my dear Grandpa was wearing them – I never thought I had it in me. My Grandpa wore hats every time he left his apartment – and not any hats. I think he had a hat for every suit, and coat, and polo and… summer suit (yes guys, summer suits – they existed a while back). I seriously doubt I will ever meet a man better dressed than my Grandpa<3.

So the day came when I was asked by Cosmin and Timea to take pictures with some Lucia M hats ( I of course, bravely accepted, although in my head I was already having a panic attack because I cannot wear a hat! I look ridiculous with a hat!!! OMG!!! But then I had to focus on my resolution – try new things, accepts new challenges even if I freak out and better run. So I did. And I still am, a month later, amazed of the result. I love the outfit! These are my absolute favourite pictures – I can’t believe it took me so long to post them.

PS 1: I feel hats are not only just another layer to keep us warm. They are not just an accessory to complete an outfit. While I was wearing a hat I felt taller, stronger, more confident and elegant than in a formal attire. Weird. I will look forward to wearing more hats, maybe I will understand the process better.

PS 2: I still want the black hat Cosmin!!


Pictures by Cosmin Micoara (

Hat by Lucia M (

















What’s Next?

So 2014 passed away to fast. I feel it was yesterday when I left for my snowboarding trip, but it was January….It was a few hours ago that Spring arrived, but wait….is was 7 months ago! Summer hasn’t even arrived and it’s already Winter. And I have already started looking back in retrospective, even though it is only November. Time is such an awkward concept.
Judging my 2014 story with today’s mind  I am so grateful for the extra wisdom I’ve got, even though I wish some of it… I wouldn’t have had to get, I am so grateful for the new people in my life, for my new and old friendships, for my family and for finally realizing that doesn’t matter what I go through – good or bad, I am never alone. For the first time in my life, when something bad happened to me I could see how amazing things were just a few steps away – it is pretty much as they say – one step back, two steps forward (ok, ok, I know it is the other way around, but it seams it does not apply to me that way lol).
I have big plans ahead, and I have never been more determined that I am today. I will achieve them all in my own personal way. So, move over negative stuff, ‘cuz I am about to kick your ass.
pictures by Cosmin Micoara (
hat by Lucia M ( –