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As I mentioned in last week’s post, the blog means the world to me. It brings me to places I have not been before, I experience things I haven’t experienced before. So as promised, I will share a few of those novelties with you.

A thing I have never done before is to wear hats – I disliked hats. Every time I hear the word ‘hat’ I can remember my Mother telling me to wear an awful/ugly/not-matching-anything in my outfit hat (I mean the dreadful kind – the knitted ones that make my head look like a giant mushroom). So I never wore hats, even if it was a snowstorm outside. Also, I never thought I could ever possibly wear hats in the remarkable and respectful way my dear Grandpa was wearing them – I never thought I had it in me. My Grandpa wore hats every time he left his apartment – and not any hats. I think he had a hat for every suit, and coat, and polo and… summer suit (yes guys, summer suits – they existed a while back). I seriously doubt I will ever meet a man better dressed than my Grandpa<3.

So the day came when I was asked by Cosmin and Timea to take pictures with some Lucia M hats ( I of course, bravely accepted, although in my head I was already having a panic attack because I cannot wear a hat! I look ridiculous with a hat!!! OMG!!! But then I had to focus on my resolution – try new things, accepts new challenges even if I freak out and better run. So I did. And I still am, a month later, amazed of the result. I love the outfit! These are my absolute favourite pictures – I can’t believe it took me so long to post them.

PS 1: I feel hats are not only just another layer to keep us warm. They are not just an accessory to complete an outfit. While I was wearing a hat I felt taller, stronger, more confident and elegant than in a formal attire. Weird. I will look forward to wearing more hats, maybe I will understand the process better.

PS 2: I still want the black hat Cosmin!!


Pictures by Cosmin Micoara (

Hat by Lucia M (


















The word stuck with me ever since, due to bad weather (as in pouring rain), me and my master photographer Dorel had to change our shooting location to a place I wished I didn’t take pictures at – as in the entire population of this city has taken pictures there.
But all is well when it ends well …and funny – the two of us and many fishermen in the wee hours of a Saturday.
But back to the main course… Most of the things surrounding me lately feel like a cliché – could that please change? It is always such a nice surprise when something new happens, when I meet inspiring people (polite is great too, and also honest), when I read something mind blowing or when a day is calm from morning to night. But these events are like rare breeds, so cliché is just an extremely polite compliment to what actually is going on. On one side I appreciate the great people & moments in my life much more, on the other side, instead of being less disappointed I am disappointed even more.
So the only thing I can do is try to better myself. I rarely succeed, but I am happy to even try. I am pretty restless so patience is probably my weakest point. But maybe, just maybe, one good day, all the hard work (which might seem easy from the outside) might be rewarded. So I’ll keep on trying. And hope for the best.
By the way 1 – I was trying to do something new a few weekends ago, so after 20km of cycling I tried to go uphill with my bike. 100m later and I take a fall – I proudly present my injured knee. Of course I cried and I complained. Even so, it was a great day and I hope to do it soon again.
By the way 2 – I love this dress.
pictures by Dorel Danci

Belated Shopping Thursday.

Burberry – Degrade Herringbone Coat
As previously mentioned, I still search for time to, at least, rest 7 hours a night, even if I can’t do much else besides work. As can be noticed through my blog absence, I still haven’t found any time. Yet, because I don’t give up that easily.
As a kid I was always watching super-hero cartoons and tv shows – Batman and Robin(my favourite was Batgirl), Wonderwoman, I Dream of Jeannie(she was a super hero to me), Spiderman, Bewitched (she was also a super hero to me:)) ), Sailor Moon etc etc. and this simple thing that I was doing as a child I think influenced me a lot. I know some of these shows are not from the nineties, but back then, in my country, these were the only shows I could see on the German TV channels we had.
Short story short, anything that reminds me, even involuntary of such super heroes, I adore.
I love to wear coats – it feels like it’s a super hero cape<3 So, as expected, another item I adore about autumn is the coat. Coats are always a statement, at least for me, reason why  I will always try to choose quality over quantity – a good coat can be worn for years and still look fantastic. Well at least, this is my plan, and most of the time, I managed to buy them and wear them several years.
Here are some items I love – all pictures are from, and pinterest.
Dolce & Gabbana Wool Coat
Burberry – Military Canvas Fur Trim Parka
Bottega Veneta Coat
Manzoni 24 – Barguzin Sable Fur Coat with Hood
THE ROW – Tonda Wool Coat
Dolce & Gabbana
Saint Laurent – Fox Fur Coat
Burberry – Short Wool Cashmere Patent Detail Trench Coat
Burberry – Portrait Neckline Trench Coat

Urban Thing.

Urban thing

H M plus size shirt
$40 –

Reeds Jewelers earrings

Mac cosmetics foundation

Diptyque candles candleholder

Urban is way main stream, but still uber cool.  For now I think.  This would totally be one of my favourite outfits – feminine, yet not girly, comfortable, but not sporty, and, for me, the most important of them all – all items are versatile<3
Awesome for a Saturday.

Shopping Thursday.


So, I hate autumn. I love summer. Summer always reminds me of the cosy days, when we just lounged around, sipping lemonades, sitting by the pool and having no care in the world. Having no homework, no teachers and just books to read. Something of the ‘Gone with the Wind‘ feeling. Well, at least the first chapters, when everything was super lush and life was just a party. Or ‘The Great Gatsby’.

But the moment I get super-comfortable wearing shorts, tanks and Greek sandals, or when shorts and heels seem just part of the décor during the evenings, autumn chills come around I have to go back to long pants, tights, cardigans and umbrellas (which are my least favourite accessory).

The only thing that actually makes me love this season are the new items I can wear, stuff I wouldn’t usually think of buying if it wouldn’t be compulsory.

This time around – SWEATERS.

Two – three years ago I had a total obsession with cardigans. I had so many, in so many colours and textures. It was hard to meet me with anything on, without a cardigan – that’s how I rolled. Crazy:)) Before that, I didn’t really have any favourites, I just disliked the cold:))

But since the blessing of skinny jeans and statement necklaces and leather pants, I started loving sweaters – they come in so many styles and colours it is very hard to choose. I would buy them all, but my favourite one is the black Saint Laurent from above – so versatile. Wish listed<3


Velvet Sweater


Salvatore Ferragamo – Angora Pullover


Romwe Cardigan


Romwe Cardigan


Romwe Sweater


Mulberry Pullover


Romwe Sweater


Dear Cashmere Sweater


Burberry Brit Sweater


House of Holland Sweater


Pic taken from


Saint Laurent Pullover

The pics were taken from,, and