From Last Year.


So I know that 99.99% of the people that know me do not understand, but the fact that I have this simple blog is unbelievable for me – it is a dream come true. I am very happy and proud that I finally found the courage to post, to write and to take photos – even if the last part is still a bit difficult for me.  I just really hope that I will be able to post more often. I haven’t done any pics this year (I have no clue how most people take blog pics in this cold weather – it is almost torture to me due to the cold). These pics were taken during a Saturday with Dorel.

A cool thing about having a blog is that you get to learn and explore things that maybe you haven’t done before – for me there are many such things, almost everything I do for the blog actually. I will explore most ‘discoveries’ I made in future posts.

One of the things I am very happy to say I did due to the blog is to explore streets I have never walked on in my own city! And I walk a lot – I don’t even have a car, so most of the time I walk. These streets are in the old part of the city, really close to the city center, and I was very excited to admire some amazing houses from the interbellic period. I didn’t even know these streets existed, let alone the buildings. The TV from the pics must have been a bonus – we found it in our walk. Last time I saw such a TV it was in a museum.

pictures by Dorel Danci (



















All I Wish.

All I wish I had in Winter is good weather, which means average temperatures – certainly not the freezing cold we are blessed with these days. Every time I have to leave my place or my office or whatever indoor heated space I am at, my bones literally hurt at the feeling of the grueling cold. And I don’t even live in Russia!!! I have no clue how that people survive.
But I have to make myself clear – I hate being dressed like a person from the North Pole. Nothing is more uncomfortable than having 6 layers of clothes. It is way too much work to get them on/off several times a day, plus somehow I always manage to wrinkle my main outfit, which is usually under two sweaters, one scarf and the coat. I admire and love to see [on others] layered clothes – I am certain that not everybody has that skill, and by that I mean the skill to masterfully mix textures and colors in order to have a perfect outfit in the end.
I am not saying this is a typical outfit for me in December, but I wish it was, so it was a pleasure to prepare and get these pictures done by Dore.
xoxo from freezing land
pictures by Dorel Danci(

Master of Disaster.


Do you have that kind of friend that is super clumsy? The one that enters the room and trips three times till she/he gets to the couch? And I mean a small room, not a ballroom:))

Well that is me – probably I stumble or drop something when I am introduced to someone new. Or I send the right mail to the wrong person. I forget birthdays, I daydream on the streets and I get scared of my own shadow. Even while I was writing this text I dropped a glass of water on my phone.

But that is not the reason why I write this. I have written this weeks blog posts during the weekend, like a good girl. But of course, on Monday, while I was trying to choose which one to post first, I managed to delete both. I have no clue how I managed to do that, I must be extremely talented in the clumsy department.

So, although it may come as a surprise, I never fall wearing heels.


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hat by Lucia M ( –