When a door closes, another opens. Or maybe a window. Anyhow, this just happened to me – a huge door just slapped the hell out of me, and, 2 hours later, after I was crushed, a dream of mine came true. Life is so weird with it’s ups and downs, that I personally never see coming, it’s crazy. And in a weird way, every time something negative happened to me, karma was there to turn it all around.
I hate negative situations mainly because they get the worst out of me. Most of the time I can keep it in me and I can act respectful. This time around wasn’t my proudest reaction, even though I believe every word I said – it’s only that I wish I could have said nicer. The Jackie O on my shoulder is very disappointed. But I promise myself, this is the one and only time in my life I reacted or will react this way. It’s not worth it to me to go that low – the only thing I got out of it is regret. So, as my bff said to me once “boobs up” lol. Life goes on and I better make the best of it.
pictures by Cosmin Micoara (www.facebook.com/memoriescollector)


What is upset? It’s not angry, it is not ok, it is not indifferent, it is not hurt. It might turn into pain if not treated correctly. At least in my case.
So what should someone do when I am upset – it is extremely simple – ask me. Of course, only if they want to actually know (I have too believe that they want to know – that is the tricky part + not mock me when I tell them).
So what should I do when someone else is upset? Version one, the positive version, ask them, they answer, we talk it through. It almost never happens this way. Version two happens all the time. I ask if they are upset (Are they actually upset? Are they not? Is it just me?) and they answer negatively although they sound and act differently. What should I do then? I am not a witch, neither a genius. Should  I insist? Should I not insist and ‘act’ like nothing is going on? I hate acting. Or even worse – should I act extra nice? That is literally crap. So meanwhile I am just going crazy, wasting energy which could be used in a constructive/fun way.
So, lets be negative, upset and not talk. It’s so entertaining. Something like the cold war. Cheers to that!
pictures by Dorel Danci
make up by Ioana Draganescu
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Where Were We…

So, God bless BBC Radio 1! I finally found a place where I can listen to music I love.
So, again, where were we…. I abandoned the blog right before I left for Raluca’s bachelorette weekend in Budapest – as usual I love organising, and I tried to do the best I could for this trip also. I found a super chic hotel right on Andrassy Boulevard, which is the centre of Budapest (thank you booking.com, as usual). The hotel was super cosy, cute, clean, had delicious breakfast and super friendly personnel.
In ‘the name of the old days’  as our dear bride Raluca said, we travelled by train – we had a lot of fun, but we promised to never go by train anywhere again (at least in Romania). I think that says it all. Regarding our stay I only have superlatives – amazing weather, amazing food (we went to my favourite restaurant – thanks girls), amazing people. But, when you travel with friends I think you can travel anywhere ‘cuz it’s going to be great. My highlights are: lunch at Kyoto, right on the banks of the Danube, drinks in a park – close to a lake(next to Heroes Square) at sundown and of into the night – kudos to the cute bartender<3 and of course, the aqua park. I am not usually the one to go and do anything but lounge on a sun bed next to the pool, but thanks to Raluca, we went on most slides, and we had so much fun. It felt like we were 8 again.
And of course we went shopping. And as usual, I fell in love in Mac Cosmetics all over again. Typical me.
Conclusion – cute awesome bartenders are important for a good time and a girl trip is a MUST once a year.
Right now it feels like I already miss the girls.

Here We Come!

So out of my four best friends, two are about to get married. One this year, the other, the next year –  and of course I have no plans regarding the matter! I still think I’m 16:))
This weekend we shall rock Budapest for a crazy bachelorette weekend. A cute hotel with a relaxing spa, site see-ing, restaurants, sun tanning and shopping. Maybe some cocktails will be involved – more than certainly. But all this average travelling will be done by us, which will make it totally special: we shall go by train – I am still not looking up to this, but it shall be done in the memory of ‘the good old days’ when we were all going to university with the train, carrying tones of stuff to and from home all the time (for a two day stay of course). 
I am more than certain that even so, many years later, we shall still over pack (even I realize 4 bags is too much:| but I shall take them anyhow). 
For me it’s incredible we got so far – time passed so quickly – I am still single and ready to mingle, my friends are still amazing – but no crazy outings are provided in the near future, Ale is still buying more shoes than bread, I still dream of Christian Louboutin’s …. well, some things never seem to change.
Cheers to a wonderful weekend! 
Fab D.
OOooooo….Wait….It’s just Wednesday:| Crap.

People Come, People Go.

One of the things I couldn’t ever fully learn is when to let go. People come in to your life, and then the question of letting them in arises. When do you let them in? When do you let them see you for who you really are? How much do you show? The more you give, the more you can get hurt. Or not. Or not for a while. Tricky, tricky.
And then, one good day, it might come to an end. Or not yet an end. And then I think I could maybe do something. Or change something. Or understand more. But actually it’s over and I can’t even see it. And after much lost time, which in my case might be anywhere from months to years, I just stop it.
And for the first time in my life I stop something and I feel much better then before. So much better:)