New Year.


2014 has passed so quickly even though it is unbelievable to look back because it feels more like a lifetime than a year. I would have never guessed, thought or believed if someone would have told me that all these things would happen to me. Ups and downs, good and bad, problems, solutions, lots of work, new friends, amazing holidays, unexpected joys and some crazy parties! Everything that happened was truly unexpected and completely out of the blue.

I don’t know if I should be scared of 2015 – maybe it will continue in the same insane fashion!! Even so, it probably is the first year I have no list of resolutions, wishes, hopes and dreams I have to fulfil. I just hope everyone will be safe and healthy. It is on us to make ourselves happy, to realise that we have that responsibility towards ourselves so I pray everyone will have the strength to do that.

My focus will be solely on becoming a better me, from all points of view – kinder, more understanding, more generous, more compassionate, more empathic and certainly more forgiving. So the word for 2015 is MORE.

Let it be more!

Happy New Year!!!

Thank you for the pictures Cosmin! ❤ (











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