The best thing about Autumn is when there is no Autumn around, but more something like a Spring-Summer day. When the Sun is out, when it’s hot outside, when the Sun rays are softly kissing my skin. When I can stay on a terrace and have never-ending chats with my friends. Or long walks in the park. It just gives me a summer-holiday feeling, similar to the ones I had when I was a small girl with big dreams. I am just a bit taller now.
Besides all the previously mentioned pro’s there’s another big one – I don’t feel like a polar bear with one too many layers of clothing as I usually am when it is cold, I am eternally freezing when it’s cold outside.
This weekend was pretty much that – a rupture from reality in a completely carefree state of mind. As a bonus I could wear short shorts which are some of my favourite clothing items – no one can be sad/negative/blue wearing shorts – or at least I can’t. They instantly make me smile.
I hope everyone had an amazing weekend with awesome weather.
pictures by Dorel Danci



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