There’s no better feeling then speaking freely what you think, what you feel, expressing who you really are through your honest, uncensored opinions. There are so many social norms lately I believe many times everyone forgets their true selves in order to be accepted and/or liked. And it kills our uniqueness little by little. We become something like a boring army, that doesn’t really strive for anything truly valuable.
With all these ‘anniversary’ days for insignificant reasons we should have an uncensored day –  a real one, not only an ‘official’ one. It should be respected by everybody – we should only be able to say exactly what we think, straight forward and without any detours. I think it would be completely useful in the long run for everybody.
Clothes always help me express myself, they give me an irreplaceable sense of freedom – this is the main reason I adore them, hunt them down and cherish them. Every item of clothing gives me a different feeling – my favourite – high heels. Leather pants, short/feminine/structured dresses and lace are in the top as well. How unique!! lol.
pictures by Dorel Danci
dasha-5142 (1)
dasha-5133 (1)
dasha-5135 (1)

10 thoughts on “Uncensored.

  1. I just love your blouse, the lace in the back is simply beautiful!!
    I believe you maybe onto something regarding the “uncensored” day but it would be the following day after the sun comes up that we would have to see if life after words said will continue as normal or will some people shun you because of the truth you released the previous day.

    *I wish I could put outfits together like you…..that outfit would have looked great for the photo session that I had on Wednesday*

    • Dear Jolene, you are so right! I am certain that some people wouldn’t treat me the same – but, even painful then, I think it would be constructive. Should a true friend or a loved one be upset for me being honest? I believe not.
      I am glad you like my outfit<3 I am certain that you will look great in the pictures! I hardly wait to see them! And I am also certain you can pull together some pretty outfits! You are modest.

  2. I feel the same,but i like to speak my mind no matter what,even though you get less friends by doing that,but at least they are real friends… 🙂

    • Thank you:)
      It’s unacceptable to be disrespected and insulted for dressing as you wish. People can be so cruel sometimes. Such a waste of energy.:( I hope that I will get to see the day when everyone can accept everyone else for who they truly are.

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