What is upset? It’s not angry, it is not ok, it is not indifferent, it is not hurt. It might turn into pain if not treated correctly. At least in my case.
So what should someone do when I am upset – it is extremely simple – ask me. Of course, only if they want to actually know (I have too believe that they want to know – that is the tricky part + not mock me when I tell them).
So what should I do when someone else is upset? Version one, the positive version, ask them, they answer, we talk it through. It almost never happens this way. Version two happens all the time. I ask if they are upset (Are they actually upset? Are they not? Is it just me?) and they answer negatively although they sound and act differently. What should I do then? I am not a witch, neither a genius. Should  I insist? Should I not insist and ‘act’ like nothing is going on? I hate acting. Or even worse – should I act extra nice? That is literally crap. So meanwhile I am just going crazy, wasting energy which could be used in a constructive/fun way.
So, lets be negative, upset and not talk. It’s so entertaining. Something like the cold war. Cheers to that!
pictures by Dorel Danci
make up by Ioana Draganescu
dasha-5027 (1)
dasha-5207 dasha-5015



4 thoughts on “Upset.

  1. “It might turn into pain if not treated correctly”. For better advice, please consult your doctor or your pharmacist! 🙂

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