It was a long and demanding year since I have posted something on my dear blog. It came with ups and lots of downs, many changes and unexpected twists in my and my friends story line.
It all seems so redundant now, mainly because we’re still standing, still strong, just a bit more bruised.
The only thing I am certain about is that we build the road we travel on. So, even though it is only September I will make an exception and cheer on my future year, my future plans, my new collaborations, my new and ‘old’ ¬†friends and to many new exciting posts.
The images from this post were taken on a cloudy Saturday afternoon, probably one of the first days of autumn – unfortunately. I was very nervous – as a first shooting I chose my work place as a location (well, more exactly, the roof top of the building in which I work – I don’t actually work on a roof top hahaha). Actually, where else should I have been taking the photos, taking in consideration I spend most of the time here.
pictures by Dorel Danci
make up by Ioana Draganescu
dasha-4907 (1)
dasha-4896 (1)
dasha-4906 (1)
dasha-4965 (1)

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