Short Story Short.


As previously promised, here are some pictures from HRH Prince Radu’s book launch.

Although the event was put together in a relatively short time, it was a success. I was stressed as usual, and I stressed all my colleagues, which I always do during our events. Even so we had a lot of fun and we were honoured to be hosting such an event again.

Dari0 did the pictures for the event, as he usually does (because he’s the best), and, at the end, after all books were signed and sold, and HRH left, I tortured Dari0 for some pics (as I mentioned before, I sincerely suck at posing – pardon my French). It is also pretty uncomfortable for me to do this at work, even though my work day was over.

The outfit is what I usually wear at events we host – although I think I have to start extending the length of my skirts. lol.

Skirt – Stradivarius, Shoes – Zara, top – Mango, blazer – Bershka, watch – D&G.






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