Part 2.


So, doesn’t matter how much I complain, which I seem to do way too often, I love working(remember all the Oh, no!!! It’s Monday! remarks – I have them weekly).

So work…I just remember all the things I have heard people say about my job – so different, negative, positive, realistic, phantasmagoric or constructive remarks – I realise that it has to do more with them then with me, but altogether, it has nothing to do with what I love about my job.

After many years of wondering about myself, who I am and what I want, I realised one thing – I love working. It is a big part of me. And not vacuum cleaning – working, but job – working. Being useful, creating something, being part of a team, planning and getting things done, learning new things, having targets to achieve, etc. Practically the effort of climbing the mountain is a pleasure.

One of the best parts of my job is meeting amazing people – singers, tv personalities, comedians, writers, business people and royalty.

Last week we hosted, for the third time, the launch of a book of the Royal House of Romania. This time, the memoirs of HRH Prince Radu. First time I was involved, I was just beginning my journey and it all seemed surreal – me, being involved in such an event? Three years and three royal events later I am still in disbelief and starstruck. I never imagined I would meet anyone royal, let alone be part of an event they would be present at, or even talk to them (I think correctly it is ‘Talk to Their Royal Highnesses’ but it still feels awkward to express myself that way) .

I would like to show you the pics from last weeks event, but I will start with the ones from last year, as I was (then) very proud of them. As most of the pictures I have, they were shot by Dario. Well, actually, the pics were shot after the event, because during the event I have to work:) I am the worst at taking pictures because I feel very uncomfortable in front of the lens, but I adore having nice pictures, so as usual Dario tortured himself a bit to get these shots. I only had a bit too much make up on:)


The dress is from Asos, and the shoes(which I wore at least a hundred times) are from Bershka.










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