Belated Shopping Thursday.

Burberry – Degrade Herringbone Coat
As previously mentioned, I still search for time to, at least, rest 7 hours a night, even if I can’t do much else besides work. As can be noticed through my blog absence, I still haven’t found any time. Yet, because I don’t give up that easily.
As a kid I was always watching super-hero cartoons and tv shows – Batman and Robin(my favourite was Batgirl), Wonderwoman, I Dream of Jeannie(she was a super hero to me), Spiderman, Bewitched (she was also a super hero to me:)) ), Sailor Moon etc etc. and this simple thing that I was doing as a child I think influenced me a lot. I know some of these shows are not from the nineties, but back then, in my country, these were the only shows I could see on the German TV channels we had.
Short story short, anything that reminds me, even involuntary of such super heroes, I adore.
I love to wear coats – it feels like it’s a super hero cape<3 So, as expected, another item I adore about autumn is the coat. Coats are always a statement, at least for me, reason why  I will always try to choose quality over quantity – a good coat can be worn for years and still look fantastic. Well at least, this is my plan, and most of the time, I managed to buy them and wear them several years.
Here are some items I love – all pictures are from, and pinterest.
Dolce & Gabbana Wool Coat
Burberry – Military Canvas Fur Trim Parka
Bottega Veneta Coat
Manzoni 24 – Barguzin Sable Fur Coat with Hood
THE ROW – Tonda Wool Coat
Dolce & Gabbana
Saint Laurent – Fox Fur Coat
Burberry – Short Wool Cashmere Patent Detail Trench Coat
Burberry – Portrait Neckline Trench Coat

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