I’m Back.

It seems I am more inspired to write when I am angry than when I am calm.
So weeks have passed, and I have kind of abandoned my darling project, something I wished to do for a long time – my blog. To my absolute surprise people asked me why I stopped writing, which to me, even if they were like 5 people, was a huge compliment. So thank you awesome ones.
I prepared some posts, I have some new ideas (I had to, although I liked my old ones too) and I am ready to get back to business. Hopefully my work will let me because this period (October – November – December) is one of the busiest of the year for me.
So, the story. For years I admired fashion bloggers, fashion magazines, fashion editors or more correctly put – people that ‘make’ art (clothes, shoes, accessories, writings, interior decorations – sounds so common, but … that’s that ), people that, in my eyes, build something inspirational, unique, something that lights my days. So, after a lot of admiring and money-wasting on hundreds of magazines and books, I grew some balls and did this tiny humble blog. Which is weird – because in theory, it all seems so much easier. In reality, it takes some time, a bit more than I expected to, taking in consideration I actually have a job (not complaining about the work, complaining about the fact the day has only 24 hours:|).
Now I have to re-group, get a bit motivated, but I decided to do this in a ‘now or never’ style.
Life is short. So I’ll better do it the way I want it.

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