Here We Come!

So out of my four best friends, two are about to get married. One this year, the other, the next year –  and of course I have no plans regarding the matter! I still think I’m 16:))
This weekend we shall rock Budapest for a crazy bachelorette weekend. A cute hotel with a relaxing spa, site see-ing, restaurants, sun tanning and shopping. Maybe some cocktails will be involved – more than certainly. But all this average travelling will be done by us, which will make it totally special: we shall go by train – I am still not looking up to this, but it shall be done in the memory of ‘the good old days’ when we were all going to university with the train, carrying tones of stuff to and from home all the time (for a two day stay of course). 
I am more than certain that even so, many years later, we shall still over pack (even I realize 4 bags is too much:| but I shall take them anyhow). 
For me it’s incredible we got so far – time passed so quickly – I am still single and ready to mingle, my friends are still amazing – but no crazy outings are provided in the near future, Ale is still buying more shoes than bread, I still dream of Christian Louboutin’s …. well, some things never seem to change.
Cheers to a wonderful weekend! 
Fab D.
OOooooo….Wait….It’s just Wednesday:| Crap.

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