I Don’t Want to Play Nice.

Many people tell me to be nicer. I ignore them. Sunday, my best friend tells me, after meeting an x-colleague from high school, “Be nicer!”. My right eyebrow is up now. It got me thinking.
I am nice. I am just distant aka ice cold. Why should I be all smiles and cute-talk with someone I don’t know? I never got it. It’s so not me. Actually I am against it.
My life philosophy is pretty simple – I respect you, but respect is earned. I don’t donate it for free to anyone. I am polite, which comes along with minimal conversation, and if I like you, then probably I would shake of some of the ice. This might come partly from me totally listening to my grandpa when I was small, when he was saying not to talk to strangers, and also because I got burned so many times, by letting into my life negative creatures. Mostly it’s my fault, because I didn’t see who they really were due to the niceness they were exhibiting. I ¬†think.
I still believe that being honest is the best policy. Not lying or cheating. Not inducing people in error just because I have issues. I have to say I love people who have the strength to be like this (as are my friends). Wish I could surround myself only with them.
Meanwhile, I would kindly remind all the people that think I am a bitch, that I am very nice – anything else is a reaction to their actions.
Pam Pam

One thought on “I Don’t Want to Play Nice.

  1. Have more faith in humanity. Don’t approach everyone guard up, chin down ready to engage because probably the other guy will do the same and you will never get along. If you are open and friendly, chances are the others will respond in similar mannor. Until proven otherwise there is no need for ice queen behaviour.

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