What do we all search during our humble stay on this polluted entitled territory named Earth?

Peace, fulfilment? Love, money, clothes, attention? Kids? Health?

I think chemistry.

I always sucked at school in chemistry although my mother is a chemistry teacher. I never got it. At all. But now I look around and see people running around for something(or nothing), or trying really hard to hide and not be themselves. I think it is pretty simple – we all run after the magic feeling, the chemistry we have towards specific things or events – the chemistry for a pair of shoes, for a partner, for a beach, for work, for travelling, for food, or winning. It’s the giddy feeling inside that creates addiction. Some call it love, some call it a drug. It makes sense, doesn’t it? In order to maintain the attraction you got to add ingredients? Isn’t that chemistry? That much I got:))

I think that is why my parents and my friends parents celebrate now 25 or more years of marriage. That’s how some people ace in specific domain.

Conclusion 1: never give up on something you want.

Conclusion 2: in order to still feel passionately about shoes you got to buy some more. Or something like that.


Today, Entitled D.



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