Would You? Would I?


Do you ever think what was going on in your life a year ago? Two?

I did that today, after seeing these pics, from way back when, and now I am stuck with a huge grin on my face.

I did so many things – most of the time, I don’t even realise how many. I am blessed with amazing experiences. Some good, some bad. All so ‘Sex and the City’.

A year ago I was pretty much heartbroken, two years ago I was in Budapest on a crazy shopping spree, 4 years ago I was in Wien. Wien is one of my favourite cities – I always felt I can escape there – worries, school, work, everyday life. It’s like you are in a different time frame. Exiting one metro station you can arrive at an amazingly romantic palace, the next one you might end up surrounded by modern art. Or a restaurant market. Or the city hall where some cool concert takes place. Or walking on Danube’s banks. Or eating Manners (one of my favourite deserts) or Sacher torte.

My favourite – Kunsthistorisches Museum. I always go there.

I still want to go on a carriage ride there;))

Still…nothing compares to Paris.

Anyhow I wonder if I could turn back time, would I do anything different? Could, or even better yet, would I change anything? 🙂 99.99% I think I wouldn’t change a thing.

Auf wiedersehen!








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