Fooled by Randomness.


Yesterday was a glorious day – I finally started reading again.

As I stated before, reading is one of my favourite activities. It gets me focused like nothing else. I am totally in love with the classics, and I really don’t believe that books written lately could ever top them, but even so, I try to read as diversified as possible. The difference is that I finish a classic in a few days, and any other book… in such a long period of time, that I am ashamed to admit it.

Now I am reading a book by Nassim Nicholas Taleb – Fooled by Randomness. The book totally got me into trouble – I didn’t have the mindset to read it, and the first 50 pages I read in a month, which is so awful to admit. Now I just really started reading it. And of course, like everything I do, I see myself in it. It is witty and so many things that are written are so similar to what I am surrounded by – besides that he talks markets, finances, Wall Street:)) But as I am a super-over-thinker, so many things, sometimes, seem out of control, and doesn’t matter how much we plan we still seem unprepared. More than certainly because we didn’t think of all the possibilities or because we refused to see the truth. Or in my case, because I waist my time over-thinking.

I wouldn’t recommend this book to everyone. I think most people I know have no interest in such things. Maybe I’m wrong.

 Meanwhile, I am fooled by randomness.

 Bookworm D.


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