Weekend Crush.


Welcome back from the most relaxing/chill weekend of my life, if I may say.

I don’t think I got my feet on the ground yet, but I am trying to connect back to reality, although I hate the feeling.

I started the weekend late, because I had to stay late at work – driving by myself for the first time was the first thing I did. Insane. I thought I might be the worst driver ever. DVD rental was next and a chill night with my girl friends.

Saturday we tried to wake up to go to the flee market, but that didn’t work out. I prepared a delicious breakfast which I served (finally) on the terrace! Finally summer has arrived. Some more terrace time, and driving (much better then before) and a night out:)

Sunday was just the same. It took me 20 minutes to find out how to put gasoline in my car (or whatever that is), but I made it. Of course, I always forget to turn on the lights, event if it is 1a.m. but that is my co-pilots fault:) Totally;))

I also manage not to shop anything during this weekend. Amazing! A true accomplishment. I shall wait for the discounts;))

Back to work now.






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