Blue Days.


What to do when I have no inspiration? When I am bored and not motivated. When for whatever reason I am sad or on a blue state of mind and spirit. Or serious changes take place.

Well, I cruise over holiday or childhood pictures.
Ever since I have went to the most amazing, luxurious, devastatingly ravishing and adorable Florence (or Firenze) the next best thing that I can do is relish on those memories when I have a bad day.
Also, because I am a workaholic and my dear beloved friends are also workaholic, it’s so nice to look back on the amazing time we had in those amazing places.
So Firenze … Firenze is a dream come true for any history lover as I am. You read about it, you watch documentaries about it (my favourite – Monty Don’s Italian Gardens is the only one I have seen that does justice to Firenze’s splendour even if for only one episode), but nothing prepares you for it’s magnificence. And delicious cuisine. And amazing stores. And breath-taking views. And, and, and…..I could never stop because I couldn’t say anything negative about Firenze (they have parties in museums – how awesome is that?!??!).

Because the entire city is worth being visited and discovered, and we didn’t have an infinite amount of time, we chose to thoroughly visit Palazzo Pitti (an entire day and it was so worth it), Uffizi, Galleria dell’Accademia, Ponte Vecchio, Il Duomo, Palazzo Medici and many more but I don’t want to bore anyone. Even so I need two more month there. So if anyone needs a guide, don’t hesitate to contact me:)

P.S.1: A must in Florence: get hand made/painted personalized envelopes and cards. I adore mine.

P.S. 2: Fortunately I don’t have many blue days:)

P.S. 3: “Da Vinci’s Demons” is a  tv show I just started watching. It’s a nice insight into what Florence was, although I prefer “A Murder of a Medici Princess”.



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