Readers block.


I generally read a lot. Much more than most people I know. It might sound like something positive, and from my point of view it is positive, especially because I love curling up in the armchair I have from my grandpa, cover myself up in a soft blanket and read an amazing book.

Of course, this highly contested activity, gave me lots of trouble many times as I am not a person that keeps her opinions to herself. Lets just say that stuck up is a very common compliment I got. What can I say, when I am right I am right (<<modest grin>>).

Right now, after a prolific half year in reading, I can’t read a page for my life. I started several books because I thought I chose something that didn’t suit me. It still doesn’t work.

I hope this is going away soon. I miss my alone-reading-fairytale time.

Some of my favourite books – Men of maize, Age of Innocence, Gone with the Wind, The Great Gatsby, The Art of War, The Phantom of the Opera, Madame Bovary, Anna Karenina, The Count of Monte Cristo, Murder of a Medici Princess. And, not proud to admit it, but I loved Harry Potter and Ivanka Trumps book although I don’t like at all self-help books.

PS: Of course I prefer my books to be hard cover and vintage.

PS1: My dream would be to own an original Harvard Classics Collection.




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