What are you doing on Mondays?


Monday is like the Dark Day.

First I can barely wake up – my blackberry snoozes forever and ever somewhere from Neverland. Eventually I manage to get up, and prepare to leave for work (the clothes must be prepared since Sunday night, if not, I would never make it out of the house), and then it doesn’t matter how sunny or hot it is, it always feels dark and cold and inhospitable to me. Of course, I can’t even function, so two Earl Grey’s are highly necessary. Due to full on mail attack and unending phone calls I might be functional around noon when the only thing I can focus about is the imminent arrival of the magical day entitled Friday. Or the more distant holidays.

It seems that weekends are like a Wonderland where only good and positive things happen – relaxation, proseco, outings, spa days, sun bathing, pools, snowboarding, travelling, reading, discoveries, crashing something and lots of good people time aka friends time. It always seems like wasting time or not doing much but it kind of is everything.

Also, on Monday, I can’t help reading stuff about places I would love to go (and secretly never come back…for two weeks or so). I am always planning something. I can’t think of any trip I went on that I haven’t planned. And there are a few.

Meanwhile I receive generous wake up calls – my favorite are from the “intelligent” people – they are so entertaining though not recommended for anyone’s mental health.

And then 4p.m. arrives and most certainly something very important and last minute must be done under extreme stress. After I fulfill this amazingly urgent task I realize it wasn’t that urgent or that difficult in fact. And then I run to the gym where I live under the impression I have never worked out before.

Then I go out with friends, and the 2-3-4 hours seem like 5 minutes and I realize I have to run home ‘cuz I won’t be able to wake up on Tuesday.

A long day, but I am so grateful it’s Tuesday.

P.S.1. I actually love my work and work while I do all of the above.

P.S.2. One positive thing lately on Mondays – Game of Thrones day.



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