Je suis, tu es, il est.

I am many things. The most of all that things I am a person that always has to ask and know why. Why everything, or why nothing. Depends on the perspective.

When I was small I thought I questioned many things. When I grew older I questioned mostly … everything.

It is a very uncomfortable and ungrateful place to be if one is such a person, but at the end I think I am lucky. The people who accept me the way I am are probably much better friends than anyone could have ever asked for and truly appreciate me for what and who I am.

But, going back to my main issue these days – why are people the way they are? Why do they choose the low road? Why do they act like something they are not? Why do they lie about what they have or what they do? But above all of that, why do they lie about others (and by others I mean people that they actually don’t know)? I studied this for a long time – they gain nothing out of it. But they need to lie and gossip, trash and hurt people. Many question marks later I still have the same answer – they can’t do better. It’s the only way they feel they can accomplish something and probably feel better about themselves.

Meanwhile, I shall try to meet my amazing friends more often, show them how much I appreciate them (even though sometimes I question what they say and/or do :)) ), read some, travel some, shop some and continue to develop my exceptionally perfect ignoring skills.

À bientôt!



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